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Tashkent Open-2019: current results


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Tashkent Open-2019: bowling in the heart of the East!

It’s less than a month before the bowling tournament Tashkent Open-2019 starts!

We invite all professional players and bowling enthusiasts to visit Tashkent. And here you can plunge into the magical atmosphere of oriental hospitality!

Contact person: Bakhtier Dalabayev:; +998 977 012 124.

The tournament will be held from March 30 to April 6 in the best bowling club of Uzbekistan JOY Bowling Club.

Apply for participation right now – от visa-free travel has been introduced for citizens of more than 50 countries:

Who are the winners of the 16th Uzbekistan Cup?

Who are the winners of the 16th Uzbekistan Cup?

The Uzbekistan Cup in ten-pin bowling ended with the Queen’s immortal hit called “We are the champions”. This music piece is symbolic for the two winners given their athletic achievements. Bakhtiyor Dalabayev became the winner in the men’s category. Tatiana Lefter was the best among women for the second consecutive year.

In the final game, Bakhtiyor Dalabayev met with the champion of the capital, Bakhodir Arifov. In the game for the third place, Ravshan Abdusamadov was stronger than Arthur Zarbaht. In the main match between women, Tatiana Lefter won the victory over Sayera Makhmudova. The third place was taken by Elena Kasymova.

Complex track architecture approved by the UPSF management did not allow the participants to make any mistakes and pushed the bowlers to think each of their rolls through. For this reason, the audience couldn’t observe any outstanding results. As the organizing committee noted, the goal at the current stage of sport development in the country is to allow players to learn how to show a stable game with any oil pattern. It is important for our athletes to know how to adapt quickly to new conditions when they participate in various international events.

A year ago, Davron Tuychiev unexpectedly won the game and showed a professional level. However, this year, the cup was not rich in surprises. The winners of the competition were the players who occupied the highest positions in the rating. They were considered the favorites of the event. A few days ago, Dalabayev topped the general classification and sustained his leadership position throughout all the 24 games. Athletes Arifov and Abdusamadov also showed good results and took second and third places respectively. Nevertheless, one of the participants showed a particularly strong result – Arthur Zarbaht took the fourth place. He managed to improve his game from day to day – after eight games he was the seventh, after 16 – the sixth, after 24 games – the fourth. Unlike many other bowlers, he did not lose faith and continued fighting and went into the semifinals due to his confidence. This semifinal was the first for him in a few years. It is interesting that Arthur met with Ravshan Abdusamadov (his partner in doubles) in the match for the third place.

In the final part, the intrigue between the top two bowlers of the 2017-2018 season was as follows: Arifov, just like many other athletes, was desperately trying to achieve a double. He was unable to become the first player in history to win both the city championship and the country’s cup within one season. We are looking forward to the end of the next season to learn if someone will be able to achieve the double. The audience could observe intense rivalry, as both players got 200 points; however, Dalabayev was more accurate when making complex rolls. Throughout the entire season, the two athletes were competing with each other. In All events, Dalabayev also became the first.

Semifinal. Men
Dalabayev Bakhtiyor: 360 (161, 199) – Zarbaht Arthur: 311 (145, 166)
Arifov Bakhodir: 407 (174, 233) – Abdusamadov Ravshan: 325 (169, 156)

Third place playoff
Abdusamadov Ravshan: 427 (188, 239) – Zarbaht Arthur: 282 (156, 126)

Dalabayev Bakhtiyor: 439 (215, 224) – Arifov Bakhodir: 428 (211, 217)

Dalabayev says: “It was important to show a stable game given the complex oil pattern. Classification showed that the one who shoots more spares will make it to the next round. The format of the game was also difficult as I prefer 3D-diagrams. Any error affected the result. I managed to find the best solution to this problem. This format made me feel tense; nevertheless, I played calmly and had the confidence that I could win. In general, the season was successful even though I did not manage to win the two trophies. I will continue refining my technique further, because I have a goal that I have not yet achieved.”

Having won his trophy, Dalabayev broke his own record on the number of victories – it was his fourth victory. The previous victories were in 2010, 2012, and 2014. The closest rivals are Sergey Sapov and Bekzod Tukhtaniyazov. They will have to win two times in a row in order to reach Dalabayev’s result in regards to the number of gold medals. It is important that Bekzod started his game well enough right from the beginning, and he was in the top four for two days. However, Sapov improved his result during the tournament – first he was the 14th, then he became the ninth, and after 24 games, he became the 5th.

Athlete Arifov also achieved excellent results and won points not only for himself but also for his partners during pair and team championships. His support team can be proud of him for sure.

Arifov says: “The season was quite successful. With this level of rivalry, winning becomes even more significant for me; I am satisfied with my result in the cup. I was a little unlucky in the final, though. Each time, the last pin would stand still despite my efforts; I was unable to knock it down. I congratulate Bakhtiyor Dalabayev on his well-deserved victory.”

For 16 years, no one of male players could achieve a double; meanwhile, Tatiana Lefter keeps the status of the best athlete for the second year. The key to her success lies in stable training. Previously, no one of female players could win in the two main UPSF competitions. It is interesting that not everything developed in her favor – after 24 games, Tatiana was not on the top of the list in the general classification. Athlete Makhmudova got to the finals straightaway; Kasymova and Lefter had to compete for a spot in the final game. According to the regulations, they had to play up to two wins.

Semifinal. Women
Kasymova Elena: 549 (191, 179, 179) – Lefter Tatiana: 558 (200, 168, 190)

Mahmudov Sayer: 262 (128, 134) – Lefter Tatiana: 356 (181, 175)

Lefter says: “A year ago, I set myself the task to repeat the double. I trained hard to achieve it, and this victory is very significant for me, because my rivals were training just as hard. There were few female players in this season, but the competition was still high. Classification results were poor, and the tension grew. Oil pattern was complex, and I needed to understand what I should do in every frame. Our coach Andrey Suslov gave some important instructions for which I want to thank him. He taught us that each pin was important. This season was very interesting as new conditions were constantly introduced, which allowed us to evolve and grow professionally. In general, I want to note that we have become even more united. I hope that new athletes will join us next season.”

The crew of “Sport” TV channel visited the final part of the competition. The broadcast of the final meetings (for both men and women) will be shown on June 26 at 6:45 pm. The main hero of the Uzbekistan Cup-2017, Davron Tuychiev, tried himself in a new role and commented on the game of his colleagues together with a TV journalist.

At the end of the final matches, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Uzbekistan Cup-2018 was held. Also, the winners in other competition types (the Tashkent Individual Championship, the doubles championship, and All events) were awarded.

Tashkent Championship
Men: 1 – Bakhodir Arifov, 2 – Bakhtiyor Dalabaev, 3 – Davron Tuychiev.
Women: 1 – Tatyana Lefter, 2 – Sayera Makhmudova, 3 – Elena Kasymova.
Doubles championship: 1 – Bakhtiyor Dalabaev/Kudrat Khilyamov, 2 – Tatyana Lefter/Olim Mukhtarov, 3 – Ravshan Abdusamadov/Arthur Zarbaht.
All events: 1 – Bakhtiyor Dalabaev, 2 – Bakhodir Arifov, 3 – Tatyana Lefter.

See you in the new season, dear pin sport fans! Play bowling and stay healthy!

Sayyora Makhmudova is the winner of the 9th stage of the Tashkent Championship

The final ninth stage of the Tashkent championship did not affect the top positions of the rating. Nevertheless, for each player, it would be symbolic to finalize the season on a winning note. For Sayyora Makhmudova, who managed to beat all the rivals, this victory became an important milestone. The gold medal was both her first one in the season and the first one in the series of competitions in which men and women competed together.

Tashkent Open-2018

“Tashkent Open-2018”: Results and Comments

In April, the 5th anniversary bowling tournament called “Tashkent Open-2018” was held in the capital of Uzbekistan. Apart from loud applause and intense rivalry, the audience witnessed bright debuts by the city guests and new records set by the hosts of the competition.

The geography of the tournament was expanded, and players from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Israel have become regular participants of the event. All the guests were impressed by their visit.

The locals showed true hospitality when hosting guests in the city; however, the local players did not lose the palm to the guests. Representatives of Uzbekistan made it to the finals for the first time in the history of the Tashkent Open.

The winner was Ivan Semenov from Russia, who had to compete with his compatriot Andrey Suslov (he became the second) and the local bowlers (Bakhtiyor Dalabaev and Ravshan Abdusamadov) whom the public supported eagerly. They took the third and fourth places in the playoff.

Achievements and main results


It took Semenov three years to win the gold medal on the Tashkent tracks as each time he could only reach the final stages. In 2016, he won the silver medal, and in 2017 he became the fourth. Meanwhile his compatriot Suslov was the winner of the first “Tashkent Open”, which took place back in 2014. Last year, he was just one step away from the first place and ended up on the second place.

Dalabayev won the bronze medal and set a historic record among domestic bowlers. Up to this moment, the highest achievement among Uzbek athletes in the “Tashkent Open” also belonged to Bakhtiyor (5th place in 2016). In the top 20 players were also Bekzod Tukhtaniyazov (7th place), Bakhodir Arifov (11), Elena Kasymova (13), Olim Mukhtarov (14), Fazliddin Mirjalilov (16), Tatyana Lefter (18).

Awards for the best results were given to the hosts of the competition. The best blocks on the first and third game days belonged to Dalabayev, on the second day – to Abdusamadov; the best game of the tournament was played by Tukhtayazov (268 points).


A few words from the winner!

Ivan Semenov (champion from Russia) says: “I’ve been practicing a lot lately, so I was able to achieve a very good shape. Andrey is my friend, and we often meet on the tracks in final matches. There was no sharp rivalry between us, but, naturally, each of us always strives to win. In this case, the victory belongs to me.

I always come to Tashkent with great pleasure. The host party offers great conditions for professional players – a fully-equipped club, tracks. Event organizers take care of everything, and we all want to thank them for it! Every year, local bowlers raise their level of skills, and their progress is obvious. The presence of two representatives in the finals (given the participant list) is a great achievement.”


Opinions from hosts


Hondamir Shaabdurakhmanov (Secretary General of the Uzbekistan Pin Sport Federation): “I want to express special gratitude to the staff of JOY Bowling Club, who function as a single mechanism. There were no time delays. The tournament brought together professional players, who took the highest places. Also, I am pleased that our bowlers showed great results. In general, our athletes have started playing more confidently; if they lose to someone, they still show good results, while it used to be just the reverse earlier. This is the main achievement.”

Mahmut Iskhakov (main referee of “Tashkent Open”): “Every year the staff of the bowling club acquires new experience, which it successfully applies to organizing new events. The team always analyzes its work carefully, which allows them to raise the mark from year to year and meet the requirements of both organizers and participants. At the moment, “Tashkent Open” has a reputation of a serious tournament not only in the CIS but also in many European countries.”


Comments from visitors


Guests of the event, who watched the tournament for the first time, also expressed a positive opinion.

Nathan Volpert (Israel): “Here I met beautiful and kind people and saw a marvelous city. I also want to note that the food was excellent – I am so pleasured with my visit to Uzbekistan. I came here with my father, who also practices this sport, and we are absolutely delighted with the organization of the tournament. I can evaluate the bowling center quite positively. I will do my best to return here in 2019. I will try to come back with a large number of bowlers from Israel.

I am impressed by the level of Uzbek bowlers. Many of them have the skills. I was impressed by Ravshan Abdusamadov’s game and the technique shown by one young athlete whose name I, unfortunately, don’t remember. Track condition in this tournament is quite complex, but this only makes the competition more exciting.”

Vadim Koryakov (President of the Bowling Federation of the Tyumen Region): “In February, a major international tournament was held in Tyumen, in which bowlers from Uzbekistan also participated. We have set the task to get acquainted with the federations of other countries and their athletes in order to get more information about interesting tournaments. Back then, many people advised us to visit Tashkent and claimed that there were many professional athletes and a good club. So, this is how we met your representatives in Tyumen and agreed on this visit.

We received a warm welcome and visited some excursions. We liked the JOY club, because it has the best temperature, it offers quality pins and tracks, and the organization of the event is at a high level. We were impressed by several of your players – Dalabayev, Tuychiyev, and Abdusamadov. We have decided that we will come here next year. This time, our player took the 10th place in the general classification, but next year we will try to get higher.”

This tournament was the first international experience for the representatives of the Bowling Federation of the Tyumen region. They had a chance to test their strength before the Russian championship, which took place in early May in St. Petersburg.

It is curious that the team from Tyumen could arrive in Tashkent without one of their players. It could have happened if the founder and CEO of the Brooklyn Bowl, Artem Rakhmeyev, had not noticed the absence of his passport right at the airport. He confessed that he had to go home to get it and then go back to the airport as rapidly as possible to catch his flight.

Artem said: “I want to note that tournament regulations were well-thought-out, and its aspects allowed each participant to show themselves to the fullest. Everything proceeded without fuss, which ensured the athletes could concentrate on the game. All names were listed on monitors, which is not always done during other major competitions. If there were technical or other minor problems, the staff of the club would quickly eliminate them. From a technical point of view, the competition was held at the highest level, and I really mean it. I have a rich experience, since we have participated in many Russian tournaments. The tournament in Tashkent was one of the best bowling events.”



“Tashkent Open” partially coincided with the schedule of other major tournaments held in Voronezh and St. Petersburg. It’s no secret that playing at each of these major tournaments is physically challenging. Any athlete needs time to recover, so about 15-20 top-level bowlers from Russia could not participate in the event.

Nevertheless, participation of eminent athletes and competent organization of the competition attract more and more participants every year. This is evidenced by the fact that the “Tashkent Open” has been included in the official calendar of World Bowling. The tournament has regular participants – Gennady Vologin, Ruslan Ekkel, and Ilya Orlov from Kazakhstan, Pavel Sobolev from Belarus, Jan Korshak, Alexei Drozhbin and Nadusik Korablinova from Russia, Andrey Suslov, Ivan Semenov, and other professionals from the CIS countries. The chronicle of UPSF and JOY Bowling Club was enriched with new names, and next year even more players are expected to come.

Ravshan Abdusamadov is the winner of the 8th stage of the Tashkent Championship

This victory is an important event for Ravshan Abdusamadov, since it is his first gold medal at a competition of this level during the last two seasons. In the finals, he met with Tatiana Lefter, who is the champion among female players. The third place belongs to Bakhtiyor Dalabayev (the current owner of the trophy). The fourth in the semifinals was the leader of the current season rating, Bakhodir Arifov.

Uzbekistan national team will take part in the Brunswick Euro Challenge

Сборная Узбекистана участвует в Brunswick Euro Challenge

The largest European bowling tournament Brunswick Euro Challenge (BEC) is held in Munich these days. It has gathered more than 400 players from 39 countries. Our compatriots Bakhodir Arifov, Bekzod Tukhtaniyazov, Ravshan Abdusamadov, Fazliddin Mirzhalilov, Olim Mukhtarov, Utkir Yakubov, Sergey Trebukhin are among them.

Our Uzbek athletes always have their training sessions in the JOY Bowling Club, which is the main UPSF club. It offers athletes tracks manufactured by the Brunswick company. It should be noted that this international competition is an important stage in the preparation for the upcoming 18th Asian Games, which will be held in Indonesia.

The tournament is held in Dream-Bowl Palace for the sixth time. The prize fund is €105,000. The competition will end on March 17.

You can watch the Brunswick Euro Challenge online by following this link:


We wish our athletes good luck!