In Uzbekistan, bowling was recognized as a sport in 2003. Since then, various official championships and Uzbekistan Cup on ten-pin bowling have been held. In 2005, the Federation became a full member of the World Bowling and the Asian Bowling Federation (ABF). In 2009, Uzbekistan Pin Sport Federation (UPSF) with branches in regions was established as the outcome of the rapid development of this discipline and the growing interest in it.

      Our athletes represent the country on competitions of different levels, including the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, World and Asian Championships, and the Asian Games. In the 2017-2018 season, the members of the Federation took part in several major international competitions. For instance, they participated in the 5th Asian Indoor Games (September 2017, Ashgabat) as well as in one of the largest European tournaments, which was Brooklyn Open-Tyumen 2018 (February 2018, Tyumen) and Brunswick Euro Challenge (March 2018, Munich). The events were held under the aegis of the European (ETBF) and international (World Bowling) bowling federations. This year, Uzbek athletes are planning to perform at the 54th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Las Vegas and the World Tenpin Bowling Championship for Men that will be held in Hong Kong.

      UPSF Athletes have also achieved significant success in the international arena. Bakhtiyor Dalabayev won the “Bishkek Open-2014” tournament, and Bekzod Tukhtaniyazov took the first place in “Almaty Open-2015” and then in “Almaty Open-2015 II”.

The schedule of internal UPSF tournaments has already been compiled. In particular, it includes such events as the championship of Tashkent and regions, championships in pair and team categories, as well as the Uzbekistan Cup, which is the final event of the season.

      In recent years, the Federation has gained considerable experience in organizing major competitions. Since 2014, Tashkent Open bowling tournament is held in Tashkent in which the leading players from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan gladly participate. Many of them are prize-winners in international championships. After the first competition was held, experts in the field and professional bowlers noted that such tournaments with such a solid athlete list were organized in Central Asia for the first time. They also stressed that the setting and environment in the “JOY Bowling Club” met the requirements for organizing forums and events of an even greater scale.

       In addition, workshops and training camps with Russian coaches and athletes are held regularly. Simultaneous game session with top-level professionals are a key factor in improving the skills not only for our experienced players but also for young and promising athletes of the country.

      Contemporary bowling is not only a widely recognized and popular family activity, but also a professional sport that seeks to become Olympic sports.