General regulations (rules) applied to the participants in tournaments authorized by the Uzbekistan Pin Sport Federation


1) All players who participate in tournaments held by the Uzbekistan Pin Sport Federation (UPSF) are required to follow the Rules and Game Regulations approved by the UPSF and specified in these General regulations.


2) Non-UPSF players are allowed to participate in singles category only in qualifying tournaments. They cannot participate in play-offs and do not get ranking points.


3) Anyone can participate in team tournaments. UPSF membership is not required. Each team must have a name.


4) A player will be disqualified or suspended from a UPSF tournament in the following cases:

  1. a) if they consume alcohol during a tournament.

  2. b) if they commit a gross violation of sports or ethical rules (for instance, if they lose a game deliberately, fight with other individuals or make other actions that discredit the reputation of the federation).


5) The player is penalized 20 points (from the amount of classification points) for non-compliance with the rules on the bowling uniform. (Men: polo shirt, trousers or slacks; women: polo shirt, trousers, shorts or skirt. Shirt sleeves should be long enough to cover shoulders and underarms.)


6) If a player smokes, uses obscene language or talks over the phone in the game zone during the whole block of games, as well as if they bicker or ignore the referee, they will be penalized 20 points in the current or last game.


7) The decision to dock penalty points or disqualify a player from tournament is to be declared by the referee, and it is to be fixed in the official statement.


8) Based on the Tashkent Championship final ratings, the best 16 bowlers in the men’s category and the top 8 bowlers in the women’s category will take part in the Uzbekistan Cup (two top players from each regional UPSF branch). The winners of the Uzbekistan Cup will be awarded the right to represent the Republic of Uzbekistan at the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup.


9) At the end of each season, all winners of the Uzbekistan Cup of previous years and winners of regional tournaments of the last season receive the right to play in the annual “Tournament of Champions”.


10) At the time of national team formation, players with the best average score in the qualifying games (individual classification) can get to the National and other teams.


11) All official tournaments are held in bowling centers certified or approved by the UPSF.


12) Regulations for all UPSF tournaments are published on the Federation’s official website (


Note: Any issues emerging during UPSF tournaments are to be resolved by applying the rules and regulations of the Federation Internationale des Quilleurs (FIQ) and the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA).


Additions and changes to these regulations are published in tournament venues and on the UPSF website two weeks prior to the tournament.